Where do the remaining Plumas (District 2) supervisor candidates stand on commercial cannabis?

We all want to be informed voters. In preparation for the run-off vote for District 2 candidates, Kevin Goss and Mike Grant, here are their position statements on commercial cannabis in Plumas County:

“I feel the current commercial cannabis policy in Plumas County is the most appropriate and should not be modified unless mandated changes in State law require the County to do so. Even with a possible change, I will hold my ‘no commercial cannabis’ position to the extent the law allows.”

“Going towards the future and what the state may or may not have counties do is yet to be determined. There may come a time when commercial cannabis can make sense from all stand points law enforcement security and all other factors.”

Why we oppose commercial cannabis activity:

To safeguard our residents. California counties that allow commercial cannabis activity have more crime. Criminals pillage harvests and sell stolen product to a thriving black market. To protect crops, commercial growers hire private security and use guard dogs, high fences and alarms.

To protect our children. Respected medical studies show that children who use marijuana suffer reduced brain development. And up to 35% of adolescents who try it become addicted and are more likely to experiment with more dangerous drugs. We want our children to develop healthy friendships, do well in school, be good citizens and value the common good of their communities. Commercial cannabis is a threat to our dreams for our kids.

To keep our air clear. Let’s face it—pot stinks. Cannabis grows emit pungent, skunk-like odors that can overpower the sweet, piney mountain scents we love so much about Plumas County. If our supervisors allow commercial cultivation here, the local aroma will go from fresh to fetid, and tourists and visitors may decide pass through Plumas quickly rather than stay awhile.

To protect our environment. Water quality is degraded in counties that allow commercial cannabis grows. Many growers use concentrated fertilizers and poison wildlife. Marijuana plants use what is described as “enough water to make a tree cry.” Pot grows sap soils of nutrients faster and to a greater degree than traditional agriculture and growers who don’t rotate crops don’t give soils the chance to recover before planting new crops.

To preserve the nature of our county. Plumas is known for its outdoor opportunities. People visit and live here to enjoy hiking, fishing, cycling, camping and other activities that showcase our county’s quality. For decades, Plumas has been a safe and beautiful environment to live and rear families. Commercial cannabis activity would change the nature of our county forever.

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Support Plumas County's decision to prohibit ALL forms of commercial cannabis activity while recognizing Prop. 64 personal cultivation rights.





BOS considers PC cannabis ordinance draft

  • Place Plumas County Courthouse, 3rd floor
  • Time 10 am

Our Board of Supervisors will consider the Planning Commission’s REVISED cannabis ordinance that prohibits all but personal grows and could vote to pass it into law 30 days later. We’re almost there, but we need your help to carry this thing over the finish line. Please attend the meeting and email your supervisor and encourage him or her to finish the job of keeping commercial cannabis activity out of Plumas County. Let’s finish strong!

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CCG ordinance draft FAQs


Does Prop. 64 give grow rights?

Yes. Prop. 64 gives adult California citizens the right to grow up to six plants per residence. But it also gives counties and municipalities the right to reasonably restrict growing and prohibit commercial cannabis activity. Prop. 64 also recognizes the rights of landlords to prohibit growing—or using—within their properties.


Forces growers to break laws?

Forces? A commercial cannabis ban won't and can't force anyone to break the law. This is a false argument from those can either abide by or break the law, but have chosen to break it for years before Prop. 64 was passed. Question: If Plumas allows commercial cannabis, why would law-breaking growers suddenly become law-abiding growers?


Can patients get their medicine?

Yes. Our REVISED cannabis ordinance draft allows delivery of medical marijuana. If patients can't grow their own plants, they can have it delivered to them. We revised our position because we realize many people who benefit from medical marijuana and can't or don't want to grow their own, should have convenient access to it.


Will it ban a legal product?

California grants counties the right to ban commercial cultivation and restrict medical and recreation grows to the six-plant Prop. 64 limit. Plumas can also restrict grows to private inhabited residences. If Plumas bans commercial cannabis and restricts all grows to six plants, growing anything more will be illegal.


Will the county lose money?

Because marijuana is federally illegal, banks cannot allow growers to deposit profits. This makes cannabis an all-cash business, which does not pay taxes. Does anyone truly believe that armed guards, watchdogs, drones and tall fences will encourage eco-tourism? Commercial cannabis cultivation, beyond High Sierra Music Festival goers, will not boost tourism in Plumas County, but may discourage it.


Separate grow structures?

Growing indoors in residences presents significant safety issues. If residents wish to grow outdoors, we have revised our ordinance draft to allow them to do so without requiring separate structures.


Are existing grows exempt?

Nowhere in California law is there an "early bird" clause sanctifying what could become non-compliant activity based on new county ordinances. "Early birds" who've sunk money into land acquisition and development costs for their grows run the risk of losing the value of that investment.


What about land use rights?

Land use must conform with the General Plan's zoning procedures that protect property values and all others' quality of life. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) examine potential environmental harm.


Will illegal grows boom?

Illegal cannabis grows have existed for years. Plumas banning or allowing commercial cannabis will not affect illegal growers significantly. Plumas growers openly threaten to keep growing more than six plants, if a ban is passed. In this respect, they're right—illegal grows will increase.


Growers breaking laws?

Yes. With Plumas' moratorium in effect, growers are operating outside the law. Before the moratorium, they were operating within a "gray area" only because our county did not have an ordinance in place. The moratorium effectively bans all grows of more than six plants.