Post By: Patrick Luscri

Rush to pot

Rush of pot grows splits rural California before legal sales. Marijuana has deeply divided financially strapped Calaveras County, among many where growers are increasingly open about their operations. Read more.


Where do you stand on the commercial cannabis issue in Plumas County? Learn more about it by clicking the Learning More at right, or click the links under the categories below. Health Community Crime CGRCO…

CCG cannabis draft ordinance

CCG Cannabis Citizens Group Cannabis Ordinance Draft To find out what's in our REVISED (7.2.18) ordinance draft, just click a link below. CCG Ordinance Draft Summary CCG Cannabis Ordinance Draft Plumas residents shared their concerns with…

Commercial cannabis? No debate.

~Patrick Luscri Allowing outdoor commercial cannabis grows in Plumas would be unwise and shortsighted—and potentially disastrous. So would permitting the production of "honey oil." Heard of it? Honey oil is the highly THC-concentrated ooze that's…