BIG BOS meeting 5/31 at 10 am

The 5/31 BOS MEETING AGENDA has been posted. Here is a summary:
  • Our supervisors will vote to either adopt the MAUCO cannabis ordinance without changes or place it on the November election ballot.
  • Supervisors will also vote whether to adopt Chapter 9 to Title 1 of the Plumas County Code Concerning Cannabis Cultivation Enforcement, which raises fines from $100 per day, per violation to $1,000 per day, per violation.
  • The BOS will also discuss direction to staff regarding Planning Commission continuing to work on the other cannabis ordinance drafts.

Where: Plumas County Courthouse, 3rd floor

When: 10 am

If possible, please attend the May 31 BOS meeting at 10 am. This is a pivotal time in the effort to enforce the cannabis moratorium.

Our supervisors need your support and encouragement to effectively enforce the moratorium they passed 5-0 last fall.

Thank you.

3 comments on “BIG BOS meeting 5/31 at 10 am

  1. Liz Dutton says:

    Where is the meeting to be held?

    1. Webmaster says:

      Plumas County Courthouse, 3rd floor

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