CCG cannabis draft ordinance


Cannabis Citizens Group Cannabis Ordinance Draft

To find out what’s in our REVISED (7.2.18) ordinance draft, just click a link below.

CCG Ordinance Draft Summary
CCG Cannabis Ordinance Draft

Plumas residents shared their concerns with us about several provisions in our draft they thought were too restrictive. They spoke. We listened.


Our ordinance draft now allows residents to grow up to six cannabis plants indoors or outdoors when ALL the following conditions are met:

  1. The plants are not visible from any street.
  2. For 1 to 3 plants, plants are set back from the premises’ property lines a minimum 25 feet from sides and rear property lines and 35 feet from front property lines.
  3. For 4 to 6 plants, plants are set back from the premises’ property lines a minimum 50 feet from sides and rear property lines and 70 feet from front property lines.

The cultivation of up to six plants is conducted within a fully enclosed structure conforming to the following standards:

  1. From sunset to sunrise, light systems shall be shielded, including adequate coverings on windows, to confine light and glare to the interior of the structure.
  2. All exterior doors shall be lockable.
  3. Such structure shall be a permitted residential use or accessory structure to a residential use.
  4. Each structure in which cannabis is cultivated shall be set back at least 10 feet from the side and rear premises’ property lines and 25 feet from the front premises’ property lines.

Medical marijuana delivery. Our REVISED cannabis ordinance draft allows delivery of medical marijuana. If patients can’t grow their own plants or don’t want to, they can have it delivered to them. We revised our position because we fully embrace recreational and medical marijuana rights and want patients to have convenient access to their medicine.

As a reminder, by showing hardship or good cause, residents can apply for waivers for some of the setback restrictions involving outdoor cultivation.

4 comments on “CCG cannabis draft ordinance

  1. Don Gasser says:

    1.. This looks like only people who built a separate structure with all the required appurtenances could grow. Huge expense and trouble for six plants? Nonsense.

    2. It would be instructive to see a map of where pot COULD be grown, given the restrictions on where it can’t. What is the magic in 1000 feet?

    1. PlumasTexan says:

      Thanks for your comments, Don.

      Prop. 64 requires residents to use something—whether a fence or structure to visually shield plants from sight. And because enforcement is complaint driven, and complaints can be triggered by the sight and/or smell of plants, by requiring lockable structures, our ordinance can help residents protect their rights to grow by using a lockable structure to shield themselves from complaints and crime in the form of theft.

      If you’d like to see a map where pot can be grown in Plumas County, simply go to, enter a Plumas city, scroll around to where you see schools and day care centers and visualize a 1,000 foot radius from their centers outward. Our 1,000 foot requirement is 200 feet less than the requirement in at least one of the versions of the Cannabis Working Group’s ordinance draft, and we think 1,000 feet is a reasonable protective buffer zone for children.

  2. Taurin Wilson says:

    I can see that you have made an attempt to demonstrate a willingness to revise your ordinance to better serve the needs of Plumas citizens; this gesture is noticed and the intention appreciated. However I feel that you have still missed an important point; personal and medical growers, who are growing six plants, currently have more rights and more access to cannabis than they would under your ordinance. Please explain how this is not the case if you disagree with this statement.

    Why does the CGRCO feel it necessary to restrict access to medical and personal cannabis in order to accomplish its stated goal of preventing commercial cultivation?
    Thank you

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