Commercial cannabis bad for Plumas

10 ways commercial cannabis will damage Plumas’ economy and community

1. Will raise the cost of rent in an already difficult housing market.

2. Will raise the cost of low-end housing for young people trying to get a start.

3. Will threaten already-strained community services.

4. Will worsen our county budget deficit. Other counties’ experience shows that licenses, permits and taxes can’t cover the enormous costs of managing this complex industry.

5. Will add more of a burden to an overworked Board of Supervisors, Planning and Building departments.

6. Will cause a talent drain of essential industries. Construction, logging, and private services will experience higher costs and lower quality.

7. Will negate the General Plan. Many tens of thousands of hours by thousands of members of our community crafted this framework upon which the fabric of our community depends.

8. Will degrade our county’s beauty and open spaces. Your favorite view? Gone. 

9. Will create inevitable neighbor versus neighbor conflict.

10. Will risk unknown social problems especially for the 10-18 age group.

For every “economic benefit” there are economic detriments. Our quality of life will degrade for everyone except a few. The only way to avoid these damaging effects to our community is a no commercial cannabis ordinance.

3 comments on “Commercial cannabis bad for Plumas

  1. Chelsea Bunch says:

    1. How do established businesses raise rent? Most BUY.
    2. Please show how an increase in lower SES would happen if companies came here.
    3. Community services are strained, if not already depleted. tyhat’s why “priority licensing” and other welfare statutes were placed within MAUCO.
    4.Non refundable permit fees and a local tax equals a “bigger county budget deficit”? I disagree.
    5. How is placing regulations, such as MAUCO, a bigger burden for the BOS? Would it be “bigger burden” if CCRCO’s initiative were placed as well?
    6. Talent drain? On what, cutting wood in a mill owned by a corporation that’s located across state lines? Agriculture is just as important as other industries located in Plumas.
    7. DOES NOT NEGATE the General Plan. MAUCO was written to mirror the General Plan, I don’t know how to say it simpler.
    8. Beauty and open spaces? Like the 55 vacant buildings in Chester? Or the junk yards littering the scenic drive from Chester to Portola? There are very strict guidelines on signage and advertising for cannabis at the State level since 2018.
    9. Neighbor vs. neighbor only comes when everyone is forced to grow their own. Imagine every residence with plants in their backyard if MAUCO does not pass. That WILL be everyone’s reality.
    10. Unknown social problems for 10-18? I’m more worried about the opium epidemic, the children receiving SNAP, and the lack of educational opportunities because the schools don’t have any money. With MAUCO, the BOS has the ability to use the money for positive community needs, like funding our Office of Education!!

  2. Greg Kinne says:

    When I wrote this list, (Sept. 2017) I was under the mistaken impression that Calaveras was the only model for commercial cannabis cultivation, and feared that CWG would be approved. I have learned a lot since then. When MAUCO came out I went back to this list and asked myself whether it would have these impacts, and I believe that MAUCO has mitigated these impacts by limiting cultivation permits and size, etc. I still have doubts about whether Commercial cultivation would get out of control, and therefore don’t support it, but MAUCO deserves much consideration.
    Had CGRCO asked my permission to print this, I would have said no. They don’t need permission, but it never hurts to be considerate.
    Chelsea, I’m glad that you are writing publicly, you really work to get the facts, and have a good attitude. Your voice is important to this community!

  3. Chelsea Bunch says:

    Thank you Greg for your honest words, in your original piece and in your response to me. I agree, CWG had a very progressive and self serving capitalist ordinance, it did not fit our County’s wants/needs at all. I absolutely understand your frustration and grievances, luckily knowledge is power. I hope everyone is reading and staying astute on cannabis in Plumas, it is OUR community and I’d hate to see it exploited. We all deserve the best quality of life, and I sincerely tried my hardest with MAUCO to present that even keel, where we can all live amicably… something the BOS never intended to see through.

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