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Dear Plumas citizen/resident,

We the CCG (Cannabis Citizens Group) are meeting every two weeks, and our subcommittee members are meeting even more often. We’re working hard on yours and other Plumas residents’ behalf to defeat Measure B in November.

I’d like to share with you what’s going on:

Enforcing the moratorium

The county moratorium against commercial cannabis remains in effect until October of 2019 (unless an ordinance is adopted or a ballot initiative passes before that date). Either way, our county will decide IF and HOW it will deal with cannabis beyond a six-plant maximum. The CCG prefers we extend what the moratorium has temporarily achieved—a legal halt to commercial cannabis activity.

On July 16, our group heard a presentation by the leader of the sheriff’s office’s cannabis cultivation enforcement task force explaining the purpose, methods, and legal procedures underway as of July 12 to enforce the moratorium. The task force serves civil (not criminal) notices to landowners whose “grows” have been verified as more than six plants.

From the date of notification in person or by mail, the offender has five days to “abate” the violation by removing all but six plants. Fines of $1,000 per day are assessed beyond that, including all expenses by the county for enforcement.

Analyzing Measure B

We continue to study Measure B’s possible effects. Its 40 or so pages are confusing and complicated. However, based on our research, if the maximum number of large acreage licenses hit the allowed 50, we estimate that Plumas County growers could produce over a million pounds of cannabis bud per harvest. So with 12,000 registered Plumas voters, a good crop could provide up to 88 pounds of cannabis per voter annually.

This week we’ve finalized our argument against Measure B and hope it will be chosen for the November voter guide. We’re also working on brochures, postcards, and other materials to inform the public about the dangers of Measure B.

We now have more than 800 names on our supporter list. If you’re not already a listed supporter, please click Team to add your name. And please encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Together, we will defeat Measure B in November. However, there is a second ballot initiative that commercial cannabis growers are circulating in an attempt to accumulate the necessary 711 signatures to go before voters. Reportedly, they’re halfway there. If this ballot initiative qualifies for a vote, it will require a “special election” next winter, which will cost our county a minimum of $75,000.

Please donate today.

Thanks for your support. If you’re willing to help us directly, please donate today to help us pay for the materials we’ll need to defeat Measure B. And please ask a friend or family member to become a supporter and help preserve what we love about Plumas County.

Bill Martin, Assistant Treasurer
Cannabis Citizens Group

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