Growers banking on the ballot

The potential expansion of the commercial cultivation of marijuana in Plumas County continues to be a major source of controversy. The recent decision by the Board of Supervisors to allow the Sheriff’s Department to enforce the commercial marijuana moratorium is a major step in the right direction. The Citizens Group for a Responsible Cannabis Ordinance (CGRCO) continues to meet twice a month to discuss strategy to protect Plumas County from the possibility of legal commercial marijuana grows happening here.

Recreational marijuana use by adults over the age of 21 became legal in Plumas County and the rest of California on January 1, 2018. The CGRCO does not seek to overturn or prevent the responsible adult use of marijuana. We also support the compassionate use of marijuana for the treatment of medical conditions. Our ordinance also allows the growing of six marijuana plants per residence. The voters of the State of California spoke in November 2016 and Prop 64 passed, and we respect their vote.

You pay the tab

But we need your help. One thing that is pretty simple for everyone to do is to ask friends and family to go to our website and sign up to be one of our online supporters. Presently we have more than 200 people signed up as supporters on However, we need many more. We have noticed that there are many supporters whose spouse/partner in the family have not signed up. Also, adult children could be added to our list, if they, too, support our cause.

The following is why this is so important. You might not know that there are presently two ballot initiatives moving through the process of being placed on a future election ballot here in Plumas County. It is a lengthy process for the proponents (pro-commercial marijuana growers) to navigate, but we feel that they might be successful in getting the previous working group’s overly permissive ordinance placed on the ballot.

Their legal counsel has prepared the initiatives, and at least one of them has been advised by an out-of-county law firm. Once the Plumas County Counsel has approved their ballot initiative, they will move on to the next step. One of the next requirements they need to fulfill is to have 711 valid signatures on their petitions. These must be Plumas County citizens who are registered to vote here. You should also know that this election would not cost the pro-commercial marijuana growing community a dime.

Unlike the special election process we are all familiar with where the group sponsoring the election has to put up the funds to place the issue on the ballot, the pro-commercial marijuana growers will not have to fund any of the election expenses that are incurred by Plumas County. The costs for this election will be transferred to you, the taxpayer, because the county will pay the entire cost of the election.

Bypassing the BOS

There is actually a process set up with the Plumas County Planning Commission to come to an agreement for what a future marijuana ordinance would look like. The CGRCO went through the normal process of having our ordinance placed before the Board of Supervisors and then to the Planning Commission. By placing their initiative on the ballot the pro commercial marijuana growers are completely bypassing the county’s normal planning process. Again, this is a testament to their single-minded self-interest.

Perhaps you can see now why it is so important that we maximize the number of names on our supporter list to counteract the momentum that might happen should they be successful in getting the required number of signatures.

We are asking that you go to our website and sign up as a supporter, if you have not done so already. Please encourage your spouse/partner and adult children to also sign the supporters list. Friends and neighbors who support our cause should also be asked for support.

Here in Plumas County, Prop 64 passed by a very narrow margin of 51 to 49 percent. This is hardly a mandate to be given to commercial growers to allow them to grow marijuana in massive numbers of plants wherever they would like. They know as well as we do that Prop. 64 was primarily about allowing recreational use by adults, not grows beyond six plants per residence. The CGRCO committee appreciates all of your continued support. Please know that however long it takes we will continue our mission to stop commercial marijuana growing in Plumas County.

~Kathy Felker

One comment on “Growers banking on the ballot

  1. William N. Dennison says:

    We both support the Plumas Grow movement. We did not vote for Prop 64. What a sad commentary that Plumas County residents are in favor of Commercial Cannabis Activity, even if only by a narrow margin. That does not reflect the Plumas County in which I was raised and worked for many years. We are not Plumas County residents, nor proud to live in California any longer, but we will continue to assist Plumas Grow in seeking it’s goals of maintaining a safe and sane social and economic future.

    Thank you for the Plumas Grow effort.

    Bill and LaVon Dennison

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