An Open Letter to the BOS


~Joseph and Margaret Muñoz

The Plumas County Cannabis Ordinance Draft and the Working Group who drafted it should be completely set aside by the Board of Supervisors in favor of a Board and County Counsel drafted No Commercial cannabis ordinance.  A moratorium would only give the impression that the county is favorable to commercial cultivation but needs more time.

Say no now! Get in place discrete, very limited medical cultivation and personal recreational use ordinances. And keep growing out of residential areas.

Medical marijuana and the personal use of marijuana are legal. I am happy that many people that I know have been helped by using cannabis medically in whatever form that is best for them. And I have met some of the small-scale [less than a hundred plant grows] collective growers in our county that grow for our local people and distribute to them.

They seemed to be reasonable people, who wanted to work under county cannabis ordinances. I thought they understood that most of our citizens would want cannabis grows to be carefully limited and enforced. The provisions of the draft ordinance tell a different story. It reads, “I love growing cannabis everywhere and so should everyone else.”

It is now clear that a special interest group prepared an ordinance that only they will benefit from. Mr. Greg Hagwood, our sagacious Sheriff, last year on my radio talk show, provided the following assessment: what ever we do to produce cannabis ordinances, it must be done in a way that is believed by most people to be in an atmosphere of objectivity, and are generally believed to be reasonable, equitable and enforceable. As County Legislators, you can still do this and the people will praise you!

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