We said NO to Measure B, but our Supes could say yes to retail cannabis sales.


When you voted NO on Measure B, did you do so to keep retail cannabis sales out of Plumas?

Despite your vote and our efforts to keep ALL commercial cannabis activity out of Plumas, the Planning Commission has included retail sales licensing in its new ordinance draft.

And now a June 20 public hearing is all that stands in the way of the ordinance being sent to the BOS for a vote.

If you do NOT want retail cannabis sales in Plumas, make your voice heard at the June 20 public hearing. And please email your Planning Commission representative and supervisor TODAY and tell him or her NO retail cannabis sales.

Planning Commission representatives by district:
District 1: Dr. Robert Abbott, email: Plancom1@countyofplumas.com
District 2: Moorea Hoffman Stout, email: Plancom2@countyofplumas.com
District 3: Jeff Greening, email: Plancom3@countyofplumas.com
District 4: Larry Williams. email: Plancom4@countyofplumas.com
District 5: John Olofson, email: Plancom5@countyofplumas.com

Supervisors by district:
District 1: Michael Sanchez—o4sgonavy@yahoo.com
District 2: Kevin Goss—kevin.goss4district2@gmail.com
District 3: Sherrie Thrall—sherrie.thrall@almanorpost.com
District 4: Lori Simpson—lorisimpson.plumas@gmail.com
District 5: Jeff Engel—engel.dist.5@gmail.com

Thanks for your help in protecting Plumas from ALL forms of commercial cannabis activity.
~Cannabis Citizens Group

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