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Dear Friends,

The Cannabis Citizens Group (CCG) supports the right of every Plumas County adult to grow up to six marijuana plants (per residence) for medical or recreational use, according to California law. But we are ardently opposed to any form of commercial cannabis activity in our county. So we oppose Measure B, the MEDICAL AND ADULT USE OF CANNABIS ORDINANCE (MAUCO).

We do not want a dispensary for every town, as Measure B would allow. We do not want 50 (up to one-acre) marijuana farms, each growing thousands of plants. We do not want cannabis products manufactured in our communities. We do not want the counterculture populations that gravitate to counties that license commercial cannabis activities.

And we do not want the taxpayers of this county to pay for lawsuits that will certainly follow when 90 percent of the commercial licenses, according to Measure B, go to “priority residents,” who were cultivating before October of 2016. This is a ‘drawbridge monopolistic’ clause that invites litigation.

We continue talking about our opposition to Measure B and asking for people to join the supporter list and vote against the cannabis growers’ ballot initiative. We are also placing VOTE NO on Measure B signs throughout Plumas County. We share our story in the newspapers and organizational meetings wherever we can.

We have veterans on our leadership team and had a booth at the Plumas County Veterans Stand Down at the fairgrounds on September 22. And we are sitting at tables at grocery stores wherever permitted. This is not easy to manage; nothing important ever is. Our group has been working to defeat all efforts to legalize commercial cannabis activity for over a year. We meet in our homes every two weeks. We are doing all that we can.

The Cannabis Citizens Group has now used most of the funds donated by our leadership team and our supporters for Feather River Publishing newspaper ads and promotional materials. These include tri-fold brochures (1,000), bumper stickers, 18 x 24 inch yard signs (400), and table banners that we will be using at grocery stores and other public places in the weeks before the mail ballots are sent to every registered voter on October 9 and leading up to the first Tuesday in November. But we need your financial help.

Please hit the donate tab here and use credit/debit card, or PayPal to help us continue our work to defeat Measure B. You may also send a check to PO Box 1454 Quincy, CA 95971. If you are giving $100 or more you must, by law, disclose your address, occupation and employer name. We will do all that we can to ‘fight’ in a way that is respectful and truthful on your behalf.


Joseph J. Munoz, chair
Cannabis Citizens Group


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