Plumas & Prop. 215

The passage of CA Proposition 215 in 1996 legalized the medical use of marijuana. With the approval of a physician (and/or a “215″ card), a qualified person may grow six plants for their own use. Medical marijuana collectives grow for those users who do not have the ability or chose not to. By turning over your 215 card to a collective grower, for a “donation” or at no cost to yourself, you can receive your cannabis. This system is very lucrative for the growers.

Medical collectives have proliferated in much of California except in those counties where collectives are prohibited. Medical collectives have never been approved by county ordinance in Plumas County, so those who grow commercially have done so at their own risk.

Our rights

Informed citizens know that personal cultivation of six plants per residence will become legal for all 21-year old adults in California as of January 1, 2018. Medical marijuana will be superseded by recreational (adult use) by 2019 under Prop. 64. But growers cannot do so “by right,” as many argue publicly. Each county and municipality may determine, by ordinance and code, whether or not cannabis may be cultivated or handled in any way commercially. Witness the recent action of the Portola City Council.

Some counties, by right under Prop. 215 (1996) and Prop. 64 (2016), have determined that the grow limit will be six plants per domicile, not per person. Contrary to what we have heard from some people who are involved in growing cannabis commercially, county government can make and enforce stricter laws than the state. This is the position taken by the BOS in their November 27 moratorium ban on commercial cultivation.

~Joseph Muñoz, Quincy

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