Propaganda and disinformation


Fellow Plumas residents:

Our opponents are crying propaganda and disinformation. If information is misrepresented here or on our Facebook page, it’s done so inadvertently and is corrected or removed. The reality is that legal cannabis in California is brand new and we’re all scrambling to understand its rules and facts. When trying to present information about new laws and regulations, mistakes will happen.

Here are some questions to ponder: Do their sales pitches at petition signing events ignore commercial cannabis’ negative consequences? Do they cherry-pick information to bolster their arguments for it? If past behavior is any indication, the answers are a resounding YES.

Consider this

We’ve been dealing with this issue for months and are trying to catch up. They have been plugging away for years. Profit motivates them. Preservation of our county motivates us.

For those of you who haven’t yet made up their minds about our commercial cannabis issue, some questions for you:

Do you trust those who are motivated by making money from the Green Rush? Who’s more likely to deploy disinformation—those who for years have broken laws and now brazenly promise to ignore our county’s moratorium in order to enrich themselves or those who simply want to preserve a commercial cannabis-free county?

Propaganda is willful misrepresentation and has no place on this page. Those who cry propaganda here would better serve their cause by attacking our posts with facts, real information, respectful discourse and compelling persuasion rather than with ad hominem (non) arguments and repetitive charges of propaganda.

Losing proposition

Their ballot initiative could win in November. If it does, we all lose—even those who are willing to pursue self-interest at the expense of the good of Plumas County.

If you agree with this post, please support keeping commercial cannabis out of Plumas. Encourage fellow Plumas residents to add their names to our supporter list. Thank you.

3 comments on “Propaganda and disinformation

  1. Bill Young says:

    Plumas County, our county, is ripe for the picking. It is blessed with abundant water, good soil and plenty of cheap land for those who came here to marvel at the mountainous scenery and the silence offered by its still undiscovered remoteness. Unfortunately, Plumas County’s blessings: good soil, water and cheap land, also attract a new kind of “gold digger,” the rapacious cannabis growers with their attendant feuds, firearms, smells, their bad actors who care little or nothing in their disregard for the longtime citizens and innocent visitors to our promised land. I have no argument for citizens who garden for their own use a few legal plants. It is the commercial “entrepreneur” hell-bent on profit at the expense of a nation of zombies. This is not the nation that I love, not the irreplaceable land of our fathers.

    1. Webmaster says:

      Agreed and well stated. Thanks.

  2. William Stivers says:

    I will do anything legally to support these efforts to keep commercial cannabis growers out of Plumas County.

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