Stone-cold bold with a twist


Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting (on 5/15) will feature a roll call vote on whether to raise fines and shorten processing times in order to deter Plumas growers from violating the cannabis grow moratorium.

Predictably, the folks behind the November commercial cannabis ballot initiative are crying foul. Somehow they’re trying to reframe lawful enforcement into “an attack” on people who are growing illegally.

With this tortured logic in mind, ask yourself this question: Would you vote YES in November for their commercial cannabis initiative and help those who try to twist the enforcement of the law into an attack on lawbreakers?

Our elected supervisors voted to place a moratorium on illegal cannabis grows and have every legal right (and obligation) to enforce it. What’s wrong with making enforcement effective?

PLEASE ATTEND Tuesday’s 5/5 meeting to back our supervisors and sheriff’s office and show your respect for the rule of law in our county. Those who disrespect it will be there in force. So should we.

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