Supervisors: enforce the moratorium.
We ask that you:

Please take a moment to copy and paste the text below into an email and send it to your county Supervisor. Let him or her know that you expect the BOS to act and provide enforcement of their moratorium within Plumas County. Feel free to add your own thoughts to the message below, or send one in your own words conveying identical information. It is important that our Supervisors know that the citizens of Plumas County expect them to ENFORCE THE COMMERCIAL CANNABIS MORATORIUM.

Dear Supervisor,

Thank you for extending the moratorium on commercial cannabis last November. Now that 2018 is here and you will be holding Board of Supervisors meetings again, I’m writing to ask you to take the steps necessary to ensure the moratorium will become enforceable, immediately. Soon, spring will be here and the growing season for commercial cannabis will commence. It is imperative you work with the other Supervisors, county staff, and the Sheriff’s Department to make sure that doesn’t happen.

We are all aware that county resources are tight, but if a solution can’t be found to enforce the moratorium, the growers will take this as a green light to continue doing as they wish. Please show me you have our community’s back and can come up with a solution in time.

Thank you,

Michael Sanchez, District 1

Kevin Goss, District 2

Sherrie Thrall, District 3

Lori Simpson, District 4

Jeff Engel, District 5

3 comments on “Supervisors: enforce the moratorium.

  1. Ken & Linda Bailey says:

    Please, please enforce the moratorium on commercial cannabis – save our nature, save the beauty in our county.

  2. Belle sandwith says:

    The voters should educate themselves about what is entailed to grow “commercially” before they start running around proclaiming that the sky is falling. Licensed Commercial growing actually protects the land.

  3. John Hard says:

    No one wants big commercial cannabis grows, least of all the small medical cannabis farmer,I am a small farmer my. Kids and grandkids are learning to farm,but not just one thing cherries apples peachs plums red grapes etc,the classic small family farm, I grow cannabis for myself this is the only med that works for me l. Am 62 year old disabled vet . I grow and hybridize what works for me and my family best of all I found what works for veterans, this is how can contribute.Dont forget the small farmer growing med when you take aim big cann. Adopt small ma and pa microbuisness like microbrewereis all the money stays in the county tax revenue .if you squeeze out the little guy with overreaching bans some will leave ,some will stay and fight plumes county cannot afford the lawsuit s that are about to filed. Grandfather in small farms that grow small med . Be reasonable doctors write scripts,the max grow should be 100×100 the microbuisiness model, everyone has the right to grow their own med When you try to keep out the big guy don’t step on th little guy. Put it to a vote .Dont devide our county. John Hard

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