Standing Together Against Commercial Cannabis

Dear supporters,
Thank you for standing with us against commercial cannabis in Plumas. We’re proud to stand with each and every one of you.
We’ve all chosen to say NO to commercial cannabis because we wish to preserve the beauty, safety and environmental health and welfare of Plumas County and its people.
We want you to know that we’re going to press with a full-page ad in Plumas newspapers next week. The ad will list our names as Plumas residents standing together against commercial cannabis.
We’re sending a message that together we can defeat any and all commercial cannabis ordinance ballot initiatives—in November and beyond.
We’re confident other Plumas residents will be emboldened when they see our names and know where we stand—and join us.
Thanks again for your support.
Together, we can keep our county commercial cannabis-free and help protect it for generations to come.

2 comments on “Standing Together Against Commercial Cannabis

  1. Bill Stivers says:

    My family & I are with you

  2. Dick &Sharon Bennett says:

    We stand with against commercial cannabis.

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