What is the CGRCO?

The Citizens Group for a Responsible Cannabis Ordinance (CGRCO) is composed of concerned citizens opposed to commercial cannabis activity in Plumas County. After forming in September 2017, the group developed an alternative to draft ordinance work by the Board of Supervisors-appointed Working Group, which the CGRCO considers too lenient to adequately protect the rights, safety, health of Plumas citizens, as well as the financial security of Plumas County.

On October 24th, the Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a moratorium prohibiting commercial cannabis activity in Plumas County. The moratorium will last 45 days. The Board will meet again on Monday, November 27, to consider an extension of the moratorium preserving the Board’s ability to pass an ordinance regulating cannabis beyond the critical date of January 1, 2018. After that date, regulating authority will shift to the state for counties who’ve not passed an ordinance or a moratorium.

On November 7, the Board of Supervisors voted to send a CGRCO-produced ordinance to the County Planning Commission for review. The Board’s appointed Cannabis Working Group will be given one more meeting to finalize its ordinance for review.

The CGRCO does not take a position on the medical or personal consumption of marijuana, which was legalized in California via state propositions passed in 1996 and 2016, respectively. However, we do address how and where personal and medical marijuana is grown in Plumas County.

CGRCO’s primary concern is the cultivation, manufacture, and distribution of marijuana as a commercial undertaking. This is due to its potential to damage the environment and negatively impact tourism, property values, and our rural lifestyle. We are also concerned that the commercial marijuana culture would increase criminal activity, as well as have a deleterious influence on youth in our community.

We have catalogued the experiences of other rural California counties that have allowed commercial cultivation, only to find that any increase to their budgets has been far outweighed by problems created by marijuana-related businesses.

Here’s a summary of the draft: CGRCO Draft Ordinance Summary

Here’s the draft ordinance: CGRCO Draft Ordinance

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