What are we up to?


Though you haven’t heard from us in a while, please know that we’re hard at work preparing for our county’s fight against Measure B—the ballot initiative and pro-commercial cannabis ordinance we must defeat in November.

Here’s why we’ve been relatively quiet:

  1. We want supporters like you to enjoy your summer without being bombarded with new posts and weekly newsletters.
  2. We’re meeting, strategizing and preparing materials for the push to defeat Measure B, which will soon begin in earnest.

We are extremely grateful for your support in this fight to save our beautiful county from commercial cannabis. Rest assured you’ll be hearing much more from us in the days ahead.

Thanks again for standing with us and for Plumas County. We truly can’t do this without you.

—The CCG

2 comments on “What are we up to?

  1. Bill Battagin says:

    Thanks for the update. Its great knowing you folks are dealing with this incredibly important issue that will have a profound impact on the quality of life here in the Plumas. We’re happy to send more monetary support if required.

    1. Patrick Luscri says:

      Thanks, Bill. We appreciate your encouraging words!

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